Hi Thailand | Great Power Give a Speech at Green Technology Expo 2023

  • Date:2023.11.21
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From November 9th to 12th, the Green Technology Expo 2023 was held at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center. Great Power displayed its energy storage products and solutions with high safety, long cycle life and high energy efficiency! Moreover, we delivered a keynote speech on "Application Scenarios and Future Development of Energy Storage " at the "Sino-Thai Carbon Neutrality and Green Development Conference", sharing with international friends our technological advantages and achievements in the field of energy storage.




The new energy industry in Southeast Asian is developing rapidly in recent years as its manufacturing industry booming. The Thai market is still in the early stages of the construction of energy storage, and the customers pay most attention on the safety, stability, and high energy efficiency of battery performances.


The Green Technology Expo 2023, themed "Practicing Green Technology, Towards Carbon Neutrality", advocates clean energy. Thailand, as the production center of electric vehicles in ASEAN, is promoting the construction of passenger cars, electric vehicles and fast charging stations. The 20Ah low-temperature superconducting (LTSC) large cylindrical battery of Great Power adopts a wide temperature range superconducting structure, supports 3C high-current discharging, and is suitable for EV fields such as passenger cars. Vehicles equipped with this battery can start quickly and have stronger power when climbing.




In terms of energy storage battery performance, Great Power has multiple core independently developed technical routes, forming a competitive advantage in high safety, long cycle life and high energy efficiency, which have been recognized by customers. Currently, in the field of high-capacity energy storage batteries, the 314Ah/320Ah batteries of Great Power have reached a cycle life of over 8000 weeks and a service life of over 20 years through material system innovation, structural optimization, and process improvement, providing customers with long-term and stable energy storage protection.


Energy conservation and carbon reduction are global development trends! In the future, Great Power will adhere to high safety, long cycle life, high energy efficiency products, join hands with global customers, and strive together for a green future!

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