Great Power Breaks Ground on Massive 36 GWh Zero-Carbon Battery Manufacturing Plant

  • Date:2023.11.21
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GUANGZHOU, China – October 6, 2023-Great Power, a leading global battery manufacturer since 2001, has begun construction of a large-scale zero-carbon battery manufacturing facility in Chengyang District, Qingdao City, China. The company broke ground last week on the new plant, which will have an overall production capacity of 36 GWh – making it one of the largest so-called “gigafactories” in the world.




This facility represents one of the very first manufacturing sites constructed in full compliance with zero-carbon standards at such scale. Once complete, it will enabling the company to better meet the growing global demand for its lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery cells and systems.


“This facility, in Qingdao, further enhances Great Power’s global reputation for technological innovation and sustainable manufacturing,” said President Evan Bierman. “Ensuring clean energy technologies are produced in a way that aligns with the industry's sustainability goals is key to success. It’s with great pleasure that we begin work on this key initiative and demonstrate our leadership in enabling the clean energy transition.”


“Demand for reliable battery cells is at an all-time high, not only here in China but also globally,” added Evan Bierman. “With extension in our manufacturing footprint, Great Power will be able to increase shipments and expand operational capabilities.”





The project's first phase, expected to be complete by 2023, will have a construction capacity of 12 GWh and is anticipated to reach 36 GWh. Following the completion of this facility, Great Power plans to continue expanding manufacturing capacity globally, with its first factory opening outside of China in Vietnam in 2024.

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