<b>Driving Towards a Green Future</b><br />

Driving Towards a Green Future

Intelligent PV

Leveraging our leading technological edge in the battery field and extensive global project implementation experience, Great Power's intelligent PV business has witnessed rapid growth, marked by the establishment of multiple super intelligent charging stations.

Our innovative product solution seamlessly integrates four major functions: renewable energy access, energy storage management, fast charging for electric vehicles, and electric vehicle inspection services. Representing a cutting-edge intelligent and green integrated solution for light storage, charging, and inspection, it offers a superior charging experience to vehicle owners. This not only enhances the utilization of green electricity but also contributes significantly to the development of a sustainable and eco-friendly society. 


  • Renewable energy solution
    Renewable energy solution
  • Fast charging for vehicles
    Fast charging for vehicles
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency
    Reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Online battery testing
    Online battery testing
  • Increase revenue and enhance benefits
    Increase revenue and enhance benefits

Reference Projects

Consulting & Services

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