World Class Lithium Battery Manufacturer

World Class Lithium Battery Manufacturer

R&D Strength

R&D Strength

  • 1

    National-level Postdoctoral Research Center

  • 2

    Poincial-level Research Centers

  • 4

    Research Institutes

  • 1

    Testing Center

  • 2200+


  • 10+

    Prestigious partner of universities/insitutions in the field of electronic chemistry


  • energy storage
  • Na+ battery
  • secondary
  • primary


  • analysis and testing
  • cell
  • new
  • battery

Technological Accumulation

Great Power's relentless pursuit of innovation propels us to prioritize safety and enhance battery performance, establishing new benchmarks in energy density, cycle life, and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence is manifested through thorough material research, meticulous structural design, and process enhancements, resulting in superior cell and system construction.

The proof of our unwavering dedication to progress lies in the acquisition of 410+ registered and applied patents, including 170+ groundbreaking inventions. Join us on the journey of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in battery technology for a safer, more efficient, and innovative energy future.

Core Performance

  • Excellent Excellent Safety

    Excellent Excellent Safety

  • Long CycleLife

    Long CycleLife

  • High Energy Eficiency

    High Energy Eficiency

  • A New Material  Technology<br /> for  Positive Electrode<br />S24 Technology

    A New Material Technology
    for Positive Electrode
    S24 Technology

  • High-Safety<br />LFP Battery

    LFP Battery

  • High-Power<br />Ups Battery

    Ups Battery

  • Large Cylinder with<br /> Lug Technology

    Large Cylinder with
    Lug Technology

  • Low-Temperature  <br />Superconducting<br />LTSC Technology

    LTSC Technology

  • High Energy-Conversion<br /> Efficiency Technology

    High Energy-Conversion
    Efficiency Technology

  • Na+ Energy Storage <br />Battery Industrialization  <br />Technology

    Na+ Energy Storage
    Battery Industrialization

  • Long Cycle<br /> Life Battery

    Long Cycle
    Life Battery

  • LFP Ultra-Wide Temperature<br />Range Technology

    LFP Ultra-Wide Temperature
    Range Technology

  • Flame-Retardant<br /> Electrolyte Technology

    Electrolyte Technology

Quality Assurance

Quality Management System: ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949
Success comes from strict quality management and unwavering attention to detail. All manufacturing facilities have certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, GJB9001B and ISO45001:2018, guaranteeing a strict system that adds customer value. All ESS batteries are certified by UL, RoHS, CE, and QCT-743-2006.
  • Professional Team

    Professional Team

    Experts with over 20 years battery production experience to ensure the high quality of products

  • Full-Process Inspection

    Full-Process Inspection

    Test and verify the material performance
    Test the final product in all aspects
    Sampling inspection in laboratory
    Average cell testing items exceed 100

  • State of the Art Factories

    State of the Art Factories

    Imported globally advanced production lines
    Full coverage of FFU manufacturing environment
    Class 6 manufacturing environment
    Industry leading quality driven by continuous process improvement
    24-hour monitoring and control of key production processes

  • Key Processes

    Key Processes

    Stacking: Adopting the industry-leading Z-shaped femtosecond stacking technology, it perfectly solves the efficiency of disc stacking and overhang control,
    Winding: Using the globally leading winding equipment, multi-stage tension variation and real-time correction technology, it perfectly solves the deformation and alignment of winding batteries.

State of the Art Factories

Benefiting from imported production lines and a fully covered FFU manufacturing environment, Great Power ensures a class 6 level of environmental control for disc stacking and overhang control. In our stacking process, we employ industry-leading Z-shaped femtosecond stacking technology, addressing efficiency concerns in disc stacking and overhang control. Our winding phase incorporates globally leading winding equipment, integrating multi-stage tension variation and real-time correction technology. This approach impeccably resolves issues related to the deformation and alignment of winding batteries. At Great Power, we prioritize cutting-edge technology and precision in every step of our manufacturing process.

Consulting & Services

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